Afghan Rack

Afghan Rack

Made an afghan rack for my wife.

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Catastrophic Hard Drive Failure


Here is what hap­pens when a serv­er hard dri­ve decides to crash.

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Tacoma Alternator Rebuild

After a lit­tle over 300,000 miles on my 1998 Toy­ota Taco­ma, the alter­na­tor final­ly died this week. A re-man­u­fac­tured one is around $130, so I decid­ed to rebuild mine.

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2013 Mustang GT Trunk Light Mod

I have had my 2013 Mus­tang for about 3 months now, and put 3,000 miles on it. I have real­ly enjoyed the car, but one thing that is lack­ing is the trunk light­ing. The trunk is lit by a sin­gle fes­toon lamp at the very rear of the car, low to the trunk floor. The light is very eas­i­ly blocked by most any­thing. A pop­u­lar mod is a LED bar/strip attached to the roof of the trunk, but I have not found a very good how-to, so I decid­ed to write my own.

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ki4zkp post­ed a pho­to:


2013 Mus­tang GT

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