Dual Fans

Dual Electric Fans

I had read online about some­one using Ford Wind­star fans on their Chev­elle. So I ordered a set of fans off of eBay, and mod­i­fied them to fit on the Chevelle’s radi­a­tor.

Dual Electric Fans

Dual Electric Fans Wiring Diagram

I upgrad­ed the front wire har­ness at the same time I installed the fans, so I put in a relay cen­ter for the fans and the head­lights to make them brighter. I prob­a­bly will redo this before I am fin­ished with the restora­tion.

The relays for the fans are con­trolled by some send­ing units in the heads. I plan on mak­ing an elec­tron­ic ther­mo­stat like the PAC-2700 from Dako­ta Dig­i­tal.

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