1969 Chevelle

This is what the Chev­elle looked like the day we start­ed tear­ing into it. I had already stripped most of the white paint off, just need­ed to get the inte­ri­or and top out of the car, most of which is still func­tion as fur­ni­ture in my house.

For more pho­tos of the Chev­elle, you can vis­it my flickr page.

Front Floor Boards 10 Feb 2008

My dad and me start­ed with the floor of the chev­elle, it was most­ly rot­ten around the edges. We had to repair the inner rock­er pan­els, and one floor brace in the back. We start­ed here to begin strength­en­ing the body enough to take it off of the frame.

Trunk Floor 24 Feb 2008

After we got the floor boards fin­ished, we attacked the trunk floor. The trunk floor was lit­er­al­ly hang­ing by the seam seal­er, so it wasn’t too hard to remove. We had to rebuild the inner fend­er skirts and com­plete­ly rebuilt the dri­ver side low­er quar­ter.

Frame Off 2 Jan 2008

After we got the body more struc­tural­ly sound, we lift­ed it off the frame so it could be sand blast­ed and paint­ed.

Body Work 4 Jun 2010

I just recent­ly start­ed on the body work now that most of the weld­ing is done. This was my first attempt at paint­ing of any kind with auto­mo­tive paint. I am still learn­ing what to do, and what not to do.

The first coat of primer I put down was epoxy primer to seal the met­al from any more rust, I then sand­ed that down and sprayed some high build primer.

Radiator Support 8 Aug 2009

Here is the radi­a­tor sup­port. The bot­tom cor­ners where rust­ed through, so I had to weld in new met­al. I sand blast­ed the whole thing and then coat­ed it with Epoxy primer. I paint­ed it with Eastwood’s under­hood black, although the paint stayed hazy for about a day, I think this because of the cold weath­er.

Passenger Door 9 Sept 2012

I decid­ed that the pas­sen­ger side door was too dent­ed and rust­ed to cov­er with bon­do. So I ordered a door skin from NPD and tack­led replac­ing the skin my self. The old skin came off sur­pris­ing­ly easy.

I sand blast­ed the door frame, and patched the low­er cor­ners. I sprayed it inside and out with some epoxy primer.

The door skin was attached with some 3M pan­el adhe­sive, and held in place with some clamps for about 4 hours. After that, I used some body ham­mers to fold the edges over on the door skin.

Had to do some filler work on the new skin, most­ly because I put the clamps in bad places and made some low spots.

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