Interior Mods

Modified gauge cluster

I have made many mod­i­fi­ca­tions to the inte­ri­or of the truck, from white faced gauges to a cus­tom switch pan­el for the winch and oth­er acces­sories.

White Faced Gauges

New instrument cluster

New instrument cluster with red LEDs

My truck came with the instru­ment clus­ter that did not have a tachome­ter, so I ordered one off of ebay and replaced the gauge faces with APC white faces. I also changed over all of the instru­ment lights to red LEDs.

Front Map Light

4runner map light with amber LEDs

Building the LED light boards

Building the LED light boards

My truck also did not come with a front map light. I got one out of a wrecked four-run­ner that had the same inte­ri­or col­or. I had to run wires to the loca­tion by tap­ping off of the rear dome light wires. I also stuffed bright amber LEDs in there too.

I also built a cir­cuit that will keep the map lights on for about 1 minute after the doors are closed, that is can­cled with the igni­tion switch.

Custom Switch Panel

I made a cus­tom switch pan­el out of allu­minum angle I got from Lowes. The big switch­es on top are for aux lights and winch con­trol, the small­er switch­es are for the all the emer­gency strobe lights.

Pioneer P4100DVD

Pioneer P4100DVD

Pioneer P4100DVD

Just Installed a Pio­neer P4100DVD into my truck. It replaces a flip out stereo that I had bought off of a friend, this stereo looks alot bet­ter. I have a back-up cam­era hooked to it, and I am plan­ning on adding more camereas to spy on the under­side of the truck while on the trails.

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  1. Josh
    January 1, 2015 at 11:43 am

    Hi Shawn, I just got a 1998 Taco­ma as well that didn’t come with inte­ri­or map lights. I’m look­ing to do the same mod­i­fi­ca­tion you’ve done with a 4runner map light con­sole run­ning off of the inte­ri­or dome light wiring. Would you be able to maybe post a short guide or send over some instruc­tions on that? I’m fine with sol­der­ing but not as good at fig­ur­ing out wiring like you’ve done. Feel free to email as well. Thanks!

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