Sleeping Deck

Sleeping Deck

I start­ed this project on my old 1994 Toy­ota pick­up. I got the insper­a­tion from Brian’s 89 Set­up. Makes a nice com­fy place to sleep while wheel­ing.

Ply-wood floor

I layed down some 1/4 inch ply­wood and cut around the wheel wells, I left a gap in the mid­dle for expan­sion.

Boxed in Wheel Wells

After I got the floor in, I con­tstruct­ed box­es to cov­er the wheel wells. I made the pas­sen­ger side box longer, so I cound house my sec­ondary bat­tery in it. I use the box­es for stor­age.


I installed some car­pet I got from Lowes to fin­ish it out. I also installed a 1200 watt pow­er invert­er to run elec­tron­ics such as a lap­top when I am camp­ing. I built a mini switch pan­el with a bat­tery gauge to keep an eye on the Aux bat­ter while camp­ing.

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