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There is a Blog entry at Leoville​.com that has to deal with the TechTV net­work pulling Call For Help and The Screen Savers out of prime time, and replac­ing them with junk shows like Wired for Sex, or Ani­me­Un­leeshed. I like Ani­me­Un­leeshed but I like TSS more. TechTV says that they are going for the younger demo­graph­ic. I am 17 years old and could care less for shows about how to have sex. Junk like that does­nt belong on a tech help net­work.
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Thats my lit­tle rant.

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  1. November 13, 2004 at 3:00 pm

    I could­nt agree more with Shawn. Thats redicu­lous for TechTV to want to take the screen savers and call for help off the air for junk shows. These shows are high­ly infor­ma­tion­al and help­ful to all com­put­er users alike and thats total­ly redicu­lous to want to take them off the air! Every­one be sure to let them know what we think!http://​www​.peti​tionon​line​.com/​T​S​S​/​p​e​t​i​t​i​o​n​.​h​tml Shawn, I hope all is going well. We havnt talked in a while but i hope all is well. Have you signed up for col­lege yet? I havnt. We’ll go to new stu­dent regris­tra­tion togeth­er if you want. I’ll catch you lat­er man. Take care. ~Phil

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