WarDriving Rig
I set­up my 94 Toy­ota truck for WarDriv­ing.
It is a real­ly fun hob­by. I go out usu­al­ly twice a month, at about 1 AM.

Lap­top Mount
Laptop Mount
I got the top of the mount from mobile​lap​top​mount​.com, and built the rest from pipe I got from Lowes.
The Lap­top
D500 Laptop
The Lap­top I am using is a Dell D500 I use for work­ing on wire­less equip­ment at work.
I also use an Orinoco PC24E-H-FC pcm­cia card for the WarDriv­ing.
1 Watt Ampli­fi­er
Hyperlink 1 Watt Amp
I got a 1 Watt Bi-Direc­tion­al Amp from Hyper​link​Tech​.com to boost the sig­nal to my lap­top.
7 dBi Anten­na
7 dBi Antenna
I am using a 7 dBi gain anten­na with a mag­net mount.
Pow­er Invert­er
400 Watt Inverter
I mount­ed a 400 Watt pow­er invert­er to pow­er the lap­top and ampli­fi­er.

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