Today I fixed my Par­ents’ RCA TV. It has a prob­lem that a lot of RCA TVs have in this mod­el line. The Hor­i­zon­tal Out­put Tran­sis­tor goes out and the TV will not pow­er on. Instead it just makes a high pitched sound and clicks (that is the fly­back try­ing to start).

Toshiba C5588 Transistor

Here is the Hor­i­zon­tal Out­put Tran­sis­tor. If it is bad, it will check short­ed between all three pins (that’s 0 Ohms resis­tance). I got this part from a local parts sup­pli­er for around $9.

High Voltage Board

This is the high volt­age board from the TV. Notice I said “HIGH VOLTAGE”, be very care­ful play­ing with this board, espe­cial­ly the capac­i­tors (left in the pic­ture) and the fly­back (right in the pic­ture). And of course you nev­er want to work on the TV while plugged up to pow­er.

The part we are after is attached to the big heat sink (the one at the bot­tom of the pic­ture). It is eas­i­er to remove the sol­der from the three pins while the tran­sis­tor is still attached to the heat sink. I use sol­der wick, but you could use a De-sol­der­ing pump. Wick is eas­i­er for me.

Transistor Connection

Here I have high­light­ed the three pins of the tran­sis­tor that have to be de-sol­dered. You can also check the tran­sis­tor here. If all three pins are not short­ed to each oth­er, your prob­lem may be some­where else.

Here is the dis­claimer: this seems to be a tem­porar­i­ly per­ma­nent fix. I have replaced this tran­sis­tor 3 times now, about once a year, so there is still some­thing in there that is not play­ing nice with the Hor­i­zon­tal Out­put Tran­sis­tor. But, $9 a year is still bet­ter than $1000 for a new TV, espe­cial­ly since this TV still has a very good pic­ture.

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