Tech Meeting

I went to a tech­ni­cian meet­ing in Ashe coun­ty today with my fel­low Techs. We met at Ashe Coun­ty High School to talk about all things tech relat­ed to the school sys­tem. We got some good infor­ma­tion on how to serve the schools bet­ter, and man­age the 5000 PCs that we have.

I got some pic­tures of the fall colours on the way up the moun­tain, sor­ry for the crap­py cam­era phone pic­tures.

There was also a ven­dor show­ing a con­tent fil­ter appli­ance called M86, a very cool prod­uct.

Speak­ing of Tech, have a look at the work­sta­tion that I use every day. It is a dell Opti­plex 620 that has an extra video card so I can have 3 mon­i­tors. I do a lot of script­ing and work­ing on mul­ti­ple servers at a time, so the extra mon­i­tors real­ly help.


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