DIY White Board

One thing I have learned from work­ing for the school sys­tem is that dry erase boards are pret­ty cool. They are great for map­ping out ideas, and mak­ing wire frames for web designs. That’s why I decid­ed to make a dry erase board of my own.

Lowes Home Improve­ment sells a 48″ by 32″ tile board for $10 that makes a good dry erase board. A dry erase board the same size from Sta­ples costs around $40. Lowes also sells the same mate­r­i­al in a 4′ by 8′ sheet, which I will even­tu­al­ly deck out my entire kitchen with.

Here is a pic­ture of the dry erase board in use, for­give my slop­py hand writ­ing.

home made dry erase board

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