2013 Mustang GT Trunk Light Mod

I have had my 2013 Mus­tang for about 3 months now, and put 3,000 miles on it. I have real­ly enjoyed the car, but one thing that is lack­ing is the trunk light­ing. The trunk is lit by a sin­gle fes­toon lamp at the very rear of the car, low to the trunk floor. The light is very eas­i­ly blocked by most any­thing. A pop­u­lar mod is a LED bar/strip attached to the roof of the trunk, but I have not found a very good how-to, so I decid­ed to write my own.

LED Lights

The LED strip I used is from Super​Brigh​tLEDs​.com. I got the “cool white” 40 inch ver­sion. (WFLS-CW60-WHT)

Rear Trim Panel

To get to the wiring, you have to remove the rear plas­tic trim pan­el. It is held in place by six plas­tic fas­ten­ers, two of which are hid­den under the top of the pan­el on either side of the latch hook. These are a lit­tle tricky, you just have to get close to one and pull up, after you get one pulled out, you can slide the pan­el towards the oth­er side of the car, and the fas­ten­er will slide out of the pan­el.

Trunk Light Connector

Here is the trunk light con­nec­tor, the light is ground switched, with the switch being in the trunk latch. The yellow/green stripe wire is the pos­i­tive wire, and gets turned off with the bat­tery saver relay cir­cuit. The white/blue stripe wire is the ground wire com­ing from the switch in the trunk latch.

I spliced the pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive wires from the LED strip close to the con­nec­tor. I also used some heat shrink to make the job look pro­fes­sion­al. Here is a tip, push the trunk latch closed on the trunk lid to kill the ground going to the con­nec­tor. That will make it less like­ly of a short hap­pen­ing, but you still want to be care­ful of the yellow/green striped wire, as it will still be hot-unless you wait for the bat­tery saver relay to shut the pow­er off. If you real­ly want to make sure, just unhook the neg­a­tive side of the bat­tery.

Here is a link to the ser­vice man­u­al with the wiring dia­gram for the trunk light. 2011 Ford Ser­vice Man­u­al — on the sec­ond page.

Mounting The LED Strip

I attached the LED strip to the rear of the trunk roof with some zip ties, and rout­ed the wires with the oth­er wires down the back of the pas­sen­ger rear quar­ter pan­el. I found a nice tab to zip tie the wires to.

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