Dome Light Dimmer

I have been try­ing to repli­cate the inte­ri­or light func­tions of some of the new­er cars for some time now. I like how they stay on after the door is closed and then fade away. This is also called the­ater light­ing.

This cir­cuit is based around the ever use­full 555 timer, and an N chan­nel MOSFET.

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E3 Spark Plugs

I changed the spark plugs in my truck today. I decid­ed to try some E3 plugs I have heard so much about. I had to make two trips to the parts store because they short­ed me two plugs, that will teach me to always check the bag.

After I got them installed, I took a lit­tle test dri­ve. The truck did per­form a lit­tle bet­ter, had bet­ter throt­tle response. Of course the oth­er plugs were worn out, I will nev­er put Bosch plugs in a Toy­ota again, they didn’t last even 30k miles.

Only time will tell if they actu­al­ly make a dif­fer­ence in fuel econ­o­my.

Strobe Lights in the Toyota

I recent­ly put some LED strobe lights on my truck. I made the strobes myself. Each strobe has 27 high inten­si­ty LEDs. Also each strobe costs about $16 dol­lars to make. The front strobes are hid­den behind the grill and are sealed in a project box. I tied the strobes to the turn sig­nal lights, which I replaced with LEDs.

I also replaced the gauge clus­ter with one that has a Tachome­ter. The new one has white faced gauges, and red LED light­ing behind it.

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“New” Truck">New” Truck

Just bought a new to me Toy­ota Truck.  It is a green 1998 Toy­ota Taco­ma SR5 Extra Cab.  Specs as fol­lows: 3.4 V6 engine, 5 speed man­u­al trans, 4 wheel dri­ve, man­u­al lock­ing hubs, and 31 inch tires.

I will upload pic­tures lat­er.


Here is the start
I got some insper­a­tion from bri​an894x4​.com to con­fig­ure the bed area of my truck into a more usable car­go area. I tried to take pic­tures as I went along.

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New Seats

Put some “new” seats in my truck, again. They are out of a Toy­ota Cel­i­ca.

Random Toyota Pics

Here are some ran­dom pic­tures of my Toy­ota Pick­up Truck. You can see my lap­top mount and 2.4 wire­less sys­tem. More on my Car­do­main page.
My Truck on Hibriten Laptop in my truck Gauges Camper Top


Get­ting ready for Chevella~Bration 2006. I have to do some emer­gency repairs to my Chev­elle, and get it road wor­thy again if I want to dri­ve it all the way to Nashville. I have alot to do between now and June 6th. I am going to try to replace the trunk floor and all the rust­ed met­al around that area before I go.


I got me a camper top for my truck, and it looks great. I also ordered me a class III reciev­er hitch and a new bum­ber to replace that rusty stock one.
If you wan­na see more of my truck go to my Car​Do​main​.com page.

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