I got me a camper top for my truck, and it looks great. I also ordered me a class III reciev­er hitch and a new bum­ber to replace that rusty stock one.
If you wan­na see more of my truck go to my Car​Do​main​.com page.


:: Update ::
Tore the engine apart and found out that it had two sunk valves. So me and Dad replaced all the exhaust valves and replaced the dam­aged knock sen­sor, and put it all back togeth­er. And it runs like a new truck now. Now comes the sus­pen­sion work, I am going to replace the rear leaf spings with some out of a 96 Toco­ma.
Just bought a 94 toy­ota pick­up truck. It has a V6 with around 200k miles on it. I got it for a pret­ty good price too. It has a dent in the bed, and a burnt valve, but oth­er than that it’s a nice truck.

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