Windows 7

I put the new Win­dows 7 Pro on my work lap­top today (Dell Lat­i­tude E 5500), and was very impressed in how well it works. The lap­top seems more respon­sive than it did with Win­dows XP.

I have been using Win­dows 7 RC1 on my home com­put­er for about 3 months now, and it has been pret­ty sol­id. I will con­tin­ue to use it until the RC runs out June 2010.

My favorite fea­ture is the Win­dows XP mode, where I can install old­er pro­grams that won’t work with Win­dows 7. Cool thing is that after you install a pro­gram to the vir­tu­al pc, it shows up on the Win­dows 7 side as well.

Laptop Resurrection

I have been res­ur­rect­ing an old lap­top of mine this past week.  It is my longest liv­ing lap­top, since 2001.  It is a Toshi­ba Satel­lite 1755, with a 700MHz Intel Celeron and 192MB of RAM.  I am still debat­ing on what to do with it.  I might make a wall com­put­er out of it, or mount it in my kitchen some­where.

The lap­top had broke screen brack­ets, which my dad had weld­ed back togeth­er in 2004.  I gave the lap­top to my mom after I got my Dell Insp­iron 5100.  About a year ago the back light went out in the LCD, so I had to rob a light out of a parts lap­top I had lay­ing around.  The lap­top still gets about an hour and a half of bat­tery time.

Toshiba Satellite 1755 Toshiba Satellite 1755 Home work room


Just got back from the Google data cen­ter grand open­ing in Lenoir, NC.  We didn’t get to tour any of the build­ings, but we did get to be on site where we could at least see the top of the data cen­ter.  We were not allowed to bring any cam­eras or cam­era phones. 

Google’s Lenoir data cen­ter site


WarDriving Rig
I set­up my 94 Toy­ota truck for WarDriv­ing.
It is a real­ly fun hob­by. I go out usu­al­ly twice a month, at about 1 AM.

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New TV and PVR

I got me a new TV a few months ago. It’s a Hitachi 51″ CRT Pro­jec­tion HD Mon­i­tor (51F59). I decid­ed to run the satel­lite tv through a com­put­er PVR so I can record and pause live tv. The soft­ware on the com­put­er is GB-PVR.
 Big Screen TV HTPC HTPC Big Screen TV

Work Room

I con­vert­ed an unused room in my house into a com­put­er work­room. I built a nice work bench, put in speak­ers, and a tv. Com­plete­ly net­worked, and it has a 4 port KVM. Oh, and yes, those are Futu­ra­ma comics on the wall.
Workstation workstation MDF


I’m start­ing on a wire­less project, I am going to link 3 hous­es togeth­er with 2.4GHz. I am going to build the anten­nas from scratch except my main link, I will prob­a­bly by a sec­tor. I should have pic­tures and the details up when I’m done with the project.

PMC Enterprises

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Phil for final­ly get­ting a Web­site. He runs a lit­tle com­pa­ny called PMC Enter­pris­es. He does any thing from web design to net­work instal­la­tion. He also teach­es an entry lev­el web design class at our local com­mu­ni­ty col­lege. Check out his site for all the details.

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