Dells, Soyos, and DDR RAM oh my…

I’m typ­ing this post on my brand new Dell Insp­iron 5100. First Dell I have owned and I like it very much (lots of pow­er). Pic­ture
I also built me a new desk­top. Its got a Soyo Drag­on Plat­inum Ultra with an AMD Athlon 2600, a giga­byte of PC3200 DDR RAM, 100 GB Spe­cial Edi­tion West­ern Dig­i­tal hard dri­ve, a GeForce 4 FX 5700 Ultra, a Sound Blaster Audi­gy 2, all rapped up in a Ther­mal­take Xas­er III V1000d Blue Series (the one with the win­dow) case, pow­ered by a 550 Watt pow­er sup­ply. Nice lit­tle com­put­er.

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