Snow Wheeling

We had a snow storm here in North Car­oli­na this past week­end, so I got to do some snow wheel­ing. I most­ly trav­elled the back roads, look­ing for peo­ple that are stuck or need help.

January 30, 2010 Snow Storm

I took a few pic­tures of down­town lenoir, and some of my truck.

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DIY White Board

One thing I have learned from work­ing for the school sys­tem is that dry erase boards are pret­ty cool. They are great for map­ping out ideas, and mak­ing wire frames for web designs. That’s why I decid­ed to make a dry erase board of my own.

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New Tower

I got me a “new” tow­er for my house.  It is slight­ly used, but in good con­di­tion.  It is a 50 foot gal­va­nized guyed tow­er.  It will replace the tele­scop­ing pole that I use for my HAM radio anten­na and my wire­less inter­net.  I plan on putting it up some time this sum­mer.

Here is a few snap­shots of my cur­rent set­up and the new tow­er still on the trail­er.

New 50 foot tower
My current setup
Wireless network antenna
HAM radio antenna

Ham Radio

I got my Ham Radio Oper­a­tor license last week­end. My call sign is KI4ZKP. Right now I am using a ALINCO DJ-596 hand held radio to talk, but I am look­ing for a mobile set­up for my truck. I am most­ly on Hibriten’s repeater (147.330 MHz), but I also lis­ten to High Peak Mtn (145.210 MHz).


Got a new acoustic gui­tar. It is an ibanez. Sounds pret­ty good too. Goes great with my old Fend­er elec­tric.
DSC01107.jpg DSC01102.jpg

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Hur­ray for Kevin.

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Pool Table

Whats this, two posts in one month? I must be bored. Here are some shots of my new­ly acquired pool table. I had to tear out a clos­et to get it in the room. It’s some­thing to do while I’m wait­ing on com­put­ers to fin­ish what ever they are doing.
Pool Table Pool Table Pool Sticks


After set­ting around for about a year, I final­ly got the old 4-wheel­er out. Took a while to get it cranked, but after it did it ran fair­ly good. I got it all cleaned up, looks about new now.

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