Wireless and Futurama

I just built a new wire­less access point sys­tem. I used a Linksys WAP54G, a Hyper­Tech Amp, a weath­er proof enclo­sure, and an omni 12DBi gain anten­na. Works great.
I also got some Futu­ra­ma posters in. One is a Leela pro­mo­tion poster, and the oth­er is a Ben­der poster.


Just re-encod­ed an old Eng­lish project of the Cis­co Crew. Its Called Beowulf. Fea­tures my car, and my broth­er in-laws car. Its about 3.5 Megabytes, so be patient for it to down­load. Enjoy the pic­ture show.

I’m back

Final­ly after about 4 months with no Inter­net, I’m back. Our inter­net ser­vice was dis­con­nect­ed for some rea­son, so I Could not update the web­site.

New TechTV Image?

There is a Blog entry at Leoville​.com that has to deal with the TechTV net­work pulling Call For Help and The Screen Savers out of prime time, and replac­ing them with junk shows like Wired for Sex, or Ani­me­Un­leeshed. I like Ani­me­Un­leeshed but I like TSS more. TechTV says that they are going for the younger demo­graph­ic. I am 17 years old and could care less for shows about how to have sex. Junk like that does­nt belong on a tech help net­work.
Sign the online peti­tion and email feedback@techtv.com.
Thats my lit­tle rant.


Hel­lo every­body, over the past week I have received many awards from school. Those awards include: Stu­dent of the Year, Intern of the Year, Senior award, and anoth­er best intern. I also got an Aca­d­e­m­ic award for hav­ing over a 4.0 GPA.
In oth­er news, I went to Nascar’s All Star Race — The Win­ston over the week­end. It is the first Nascar race that I have been to. It was very excit­ing until all the good peo­ple wrecked. I will try to put some pic­tures up some time this week.
This Fri­day is Grad­u­a­tion for all the High School Stu­dents… Very excit­ed.

Spring Fling

Hel­lo once again, today was the Spring Fling at the col­lege. There was a DJ, and free food, so it was worth get­ting out of class for. Jason (Jason​.shawnville​.com) won the Jalapeño eat­ing con­test once again, and had enough Courage to sing “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places” on the karaoke machine.

Chevelle and My Day

Hel­lo again every body, its very ear­ly here and just want­ed to tell you all about the new valve cov­ers I put on my Chev­elle. I got these over the week­end. They don’t look exact­ly the way they do in the pic­ture (mine do not have the logo on them).
I got to work on a $2000 dol­lar dell serv­er today — It had dual 2.4 GHz Xeon proces­sors, 2048 MB RAM, dual 34 GB HDs on an 8 Chan­nel SCSI con­fig­u­ra­tion, and it also had redun­dant pow­er sup­plies. Nice lit­tle serv­er.

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