The Pit Viper

The Pit Viper

Just fin­ished up a redesign of a friends site for his bug­gy, The Pit Viper.

I imple­ment­ed valid XHTML code, and added some meta data so that the site is more search engine friend­ly. I broke up the text into sep­a­rate head­ings so it would be eas­i­er to read.

I used fan­cy­box to punch up the pho­to gallery at the bot­tom. I also took advan­tage of some CSS3 for some tran­si­tion effects on the links, and round­ed cor­ners on the image bor­ders.

DIY White Board

One thing I have learned from work­ing for the school sys­tem is that dry erase boards are pret­ty cool. They are great for map­ping out ideas, and mak­ing wire frames for web designs. That’s why I decid­ed to make a dry erase board of my own.

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Changed the site over to Word­Press – It is a lot sim­pler to use than Mov­able­Type.

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Final­ly got my new guest­book up and run­ning. I am still not fin­ished cus­tomiz­ing the col­ors and lay­out for it yet, but it is func­tion­al. Stay tuned for more updates.

New Website Smell 2

I think I might have all the bugs worked out on the site. Well for my coun­ty, school starts this week. That means more work for me and the rest of the IT staff. I think I’ll turn both my cell phones off.

That New Website Smell

I have total­ly redesigned my site, again. I’ve just got a few pages updat­ed, but I am work­ing on it. It’s going to be totaly table­less. I am doing every­thing in CSS. It is realy fun once you get the hang of it.

Page Layout

Slight­ly new page lay­out to accom­mo­date my small com­put­er ser­vic­ing busi­ness. Also the fist time I have done the page entire­ly with out Front­Page. All HTML cod­ing, and I love it, too much fun.

My Site

Wel­come to a new part of my site. This web og (BLOG for short) is going to be my way of inter­act­ing with the few peo­ple that vis­it my site. So come back often to find new infro­ma­tion here. I will try to update this lit­tle blog every day, fill­ing you in on “impor­tant things” that hap­pens to dur­ring the day. Talk to all of yall lat­er.