Tech Meeting

I went to a tech­ni­cian meet­ing in Ashe coun­ty today with my fel­low Techs. We met at Ashe Coun­ty High School to talk about all things tech relat­ed to the school sys­tem. We got some good infor­ma­tion on how to serve the schools bet­ter, and man­age the 5000 PCs that we have.

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New Phone

I am get­ting a new phone from work, a Sam­sung Omnia I910. Looks to be a cool phone, it has a full brows­er (Opera) and WiFi sup­port.

A+ Certified and ITEC

I final­ly took the A+ test last week, and passed.  I have been mean­ing to take that test for a long time, but nev­er got around to it.  I made a 750 on the first test, and 865 on the sec­ond.  I plan on tak­ing the Net­work+ next.

The Tech­nol­o­gy depart­ment went to the ITEC trade show in Char­lotte on the 25th.  There was about 20 ven­dors, and a few cool prod­ucts.  But it was not a very impres­sive show.

Hibriten Mountain

I went up on Hib­riten Moun­tain today to work on an air con­di­tion­er at one of our tow­er sites.  Took some pic­tures of the view.  I also got some pic­tures of the new Google Data Cen­ter, but I don’t think they would like me to post them.  I have more pic­tures from Hib­riten over on my Flickr page.

View from Hibriten Mountain
Another View from Hibriten Mountain
My 1994 Toyota truck on Hibriten Mountain
Closeup of my 1994 Toyota Truck


We have been doing a lit­tle work on the wire­less stuff the past week. I have some pret­ty inter­est­ing images of the tow­ers and the equip­ment. Also a very froze air con­di­tion­er.
Tower 1 Tower 2 Tower 2 Radios Froze Air Conditioner

More New Tower

Here are some more pic­tures of our new tow­er…
Tower at GFES Tower at GFES Tower at GFES Tower at GFES

New Tower

We are putting a new tow­er up at work. I am also work­ing on a laptop/wireless set­up for my truck. I have ordered a 1 watt amp and 8.5dbi mag-mount omni. I hope to get that done next week some­time.

NCET Conference

This week I am out at Atlantic Beach for the North Car­oli­na Edu­ca­tion Tech­ni­cians Con­fer­ence. Should be alot of fun.

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