Laptop Resurrection

I have been res­ur­rect­ing an old lap­top of mine this past week.  It is my longest liv­ing lap­top, since 2001.  It is a Toshi­ba Satel­lite 1755, with a 700MHz Intel Celeron and 192MB of RAM.  I am still debat­ing on what to do with it.  I might make a wall com­put­er out of it, or mount it in my kitchen some­where.

The lap­top had broke screen brack­ets, which my dad had weld­ed back togeth­er in 2004.  I gave the lap­top to my mom after I got my Dell Insp­iron 5100.  About a year ago the back light went out in the LCD, so I had to rob a light out of a parts lap­top I had lay­ing around.  The lap­top still gets about an hour and a half of bat­tery time.

Toshiba Satellite 1755 Toshiba Satellite 1755 Home work room