Here is the start
I got some insper­a­tion from bri​an894x4​.com to con­fig­ure the bed area of my truck into a more usable car­go area. I tried to take pic­tures as I went along.

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WarDriving Rig
I set­up my 94 Toy­ota truck for WarDriv­ing.
It is a real­ly fun hob­by. I go out usu­al­ly twice a month, at about 1 AM.

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Random Toyota Pics

Here are some ran­dom pic­tures of my Toy­ota Pick­up Truck. You can see my lap­top mount and 2.4 wire­less sys­tem. More on my Car­do­main page.
My Truck on Hibriten Laptop in my truck Gauges Camper Top